The Chairman of Rallycross Mangement Australia Bob Watson announced today that as the result of a shock decision by Motorcycling Victoria the plans to hold Rallycross meetings at the Broadford Motorcycling complex will not proceed

In a statement today, the CEO of Morcycling Victoria Wayne Holdsworth said “It is the decision of the MC Board not to continue to host Rallycross events in the future”. Reasons given were “financial risk associated with track maintenance and potential track damage bringing the requirement to resurface”, and “Reputational damage with the curent majority user groups”.

In spite of receiving written confirmation from the then track manager that Rallycross would proceed at the Broadford track, concerns were raised after the Rallycross launch function on May 21, when mud was carried on to the motorcycle track from the newly formed gravel rallycross course. At that stage planned steps to reduce the mud transfer had not been put in place. The decision to pull the plug on Rallycross was made by MCV before any detailed discussions on addressing the problem were held.

The MCV decision will bring disapointment to many people who have shown enthusiasm for the return of Rallycross to Australia, including prospective competitors from the Rally and Autocross sectors of motor sport. Rallycross was seen by CAMS as a great stepping stone for young competitors looking to take the next step in the sport.

Watson said “It is bitterly disappointing. Broadford would have been an ideal venue for Rallycross, but a change of attitude by new track management turned the tide against us. I am grateful for the support we have received from CAMS and the Rally and Autocross communities and I deeply regret that we cannot proceed”.

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