Rallycross combines rallying with racing.

Running on a track which is part tarmac and part gravel, it includes jumps and water splashes to add to the spectacle!

  • Races are run for groups of four cars.
  • Cars which fit all current CAMS rally categories will be eligible to compete. International categories will also be included so that turbo four wheel drive cars and specially modified cars can compete.
  • Drivers will require a National Rally licence or Level 2S licence.
  • Competitors will be graded in accordance with their lap times so that cars of similar performance race together.
  • Meetings will be held on one day with practice, heats and a final for each driver division. Entry fee will be under $300
  • Apparel safety requirements will be as for a CAMS National rally.
  • Proper driving standards will be strictly enforced. Crash and bash will not be tolerated.

Spectators will be able see all the action at the planned venue, only an hour’s drive from Melbourne

Rallycross was a popular back in the 1970s, being held at Calder Park in Melbourne, Catalina Park at Katoomba in NSW and Tailem Bend in SA. Renault Australia, Holden Dealer Team, Ford Motor Co and British Leyland and Porsche Australia all entered factory cars. The events attracted large fields and good numbers of spectators with Peter Brock, Allan Moffat, Alan Hamilton, Bob Watson, Evan Green, Colin Bond Barry Ferguson and Bruce Hodgson being regular competitors.

Meetings had 3 hour’s live coverage on Sunday afternoon offering great value to sponsors including Coca Cola and Motorcraft.

While Rallycross stopped in Australia due to problems with venues, but it is ongoing and extremely popular in the UK, Europe and the USA. The FIA has introduced a World Rallycross Championship for 2014, sponsored by Monster energy drink with the major series in America is sponsored by Red Bull.